Kendra Colton, soprano



Apple Hill Chamber Music Festival - Handel aria from Giulio Cesare
Apple Hill Chamber Players - Harbison Crossroads
Bethlehem Bach Choir - Haydn Die Schöpfung
Chesapeake Chamber Music Festival - Harbison Crossroads
     Recital of Schubert and Fauré
     Bach Cantata BWV 202 Weichet nur betrübte Schatten
Schubert Der Hirt auf dem Felsen
Emmanuel Music - Bach Cantatas BWV 13, BWV 140, BWV 61
Emmanuel Music - Handel Susanna, title role
Emmanuel Music - Mendelssohn Vom Himmel hoch
Emmanuel Music - Harbison Crossroads
Emmanuel Music - Record Bach Cantata BWV 202 Weichet nur betrübte Schatten
Oberlin Sinfonietta - Stravinsky Pulcinella
Oberlin Sinfonietta - Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon Comala
National Cathedral Chorale - Mozart Davidde penitente K. 469
Youngstown Symphony - Barber Knoxville:  Summer of 1915


Berkshire Choral Festival – Bach B Minor Mass
Bethlehem Bach Festival – Bach B Minor Mass
     Bach Cantatas BWV 71 and BWV 119
     Beethoven Choral Fantasy
Emmanuel Music – Bach Cantatas BWV 37, BWV 196, BWV 181, BWV 93, BWV 199,
     BWV 21, BWV 113, BWV 44
Emmanuel Music - C.P.E. Bach Meine Seele erhebt den Herrn, H. 819
Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra - Handel Messiah
Newton Choral Society – Haydn Die Schöpfung
Oberlin Clonick Studio – CD recording of Barber, Britten, Gurney and Vores
Oberlin Sinfonietta – Danielpour Sonnets to Orpheus Book 1
Portland Symphony - Bach Cantata BWV 140 Wachet auf ruft uns die Stimme
Winsor Music – Harbison Crossroads Boston premiere and recording
Wordsong – Laughing Together performance and recording


Carmel Bach Festival – Bach B Minor Mass
     Handel Alexander’s Feast
     Mozart Magic Flute excerpts
Emmanuel Music – Beethoven Chamber Series
      Bach Cantatas BWV 72, BWV 42, BWV 73, BWV 77
      Handel and Bach in Rockport
      Bach Christmas Oratorio
Evansville Philharmonic – Handel Messiah
National Cathedral Chorale – Mozart Mass in C Minor
New England Conservatory Music for Food benefit – Chausson
Oberlin Orchestra – Strauss Vier letzte Lieder
Recording in New Haven, CT – John Halle Mortgaging the Earth
Soli Deo Gloria – Bach St. John Passion
Spectrum Singers – Brahms viola lieder Op. 91
Winsor Music – Brahms Liebeslieder Waltzes and Bach Cantata BWV 99
     Bach – Coffee Cantata
Wordsong – Laughing Together world premiere


Bard College recital – Zemlinsky, Debussy, Warlock, Brahms
Boston Classical Orchestra – Barber Knoxville Summer of 1915
Carmel Bach Festival – Haydn Die Jahreszeiten
     Bach St. John Passion
     trumpet/soprano recital
     Handel duets
Chesapeake Chamber Music Festival
     Recital - Schubert, Fauré, Wolf, Zemlinsky
     Schumann Op. 107 arrangement for sop and string quartet
     Golijov - How Slow the Wind and Lúa Descolorida
Emmanuel Music – Bach B Minor Mass
     Bach Cantatas BWV 105, BWV 85, BWV 139, BWV 14
Evansville Philharmonic – Haydn Die Schöpfung
Geneva Switzerland recital – Fauré, Debussy, Schubert
Oberlin faculty recital – Zemlinsky, Debussy, Warlock, Brahms
Oberlin Baroque Performance Institute – Bach St. Matthew Passion performance and recording
Portland Symphony – Bach St. John Passion
Token Creek – Bach Cantata arias from BWV 186, 75, 76, 187 and Cantata BWV 199
University of Evansville recital – Handel, Fauré, Duparc, Chausson, Poulenc, Brahms, Child
Winsor Music – Bach Cantata BWV 12
     Benefit recital
     Brahms Lieder and Child Finite Infinity
Worcester Festival Orchestra and Chorus – Haydn Die Schöpfung
Celebrity Series Tribute Concert - Brahms Liebeslieder Waltzes


Apple Hill Center for chamber music – Bach Cantatas BWV 84 and BWV 32
Back Bay Chorale – Bach B Minor Mass,
     Bach Christmas Oratorio
Baltimore Symphony – Handel Messiah
Boston recital – Wolf, Schubert, Fauré
Carmel Bach Festival – Bach Cantatas BWV 130 and BWV 19
     Beethoven Choral Fantasy and Fidelio excerpt,
     Bach St. Matthew Passion
Columbus Symphony – Poulenc Gloria
Dayton Philharmonic – Monteverdi Vespers
Emmanuel Music – Handel Alexander’s Feast,
     Beethoven Chamber Series
     Bach Cantatas BWV 155, BWV 137, BWV 179
First Parish Music – Mendelssohn St. Paul
Music at Marsh Chapel, Boston– Schumann Das Paradies und die Peri
Token Creek – Bach Cantata arias from BWV 98, 171, 93, 58  and Cantata BWV 84
Winston-Salem Symphony – Haydn Die Schöpfung


Aulos – Handel and Bach arias Pittsburgh, PA
Bethlehem Bach Choir – Haydn St. Nicholas Mass and Bach cantatas BWV 36 and BWV 191
Boston recital – Wolf, Schubert, Fauré
Carmel Bach Festival – Haydn Die Schöpfung,
     Mendelssohn Psalm 42 and Bach Christmas Oratorio parts I, II, III,
     Bach Cantatas BWV 32 and BWV 57
Charlotte Symphony – Bach B Minor Mass
Collage New Music – Benefit concert
Discovery Ensemble – Stravinsky Pulcinella
Emmanuel Music – Haydn Die Schöpfung
     Bach St. Matthew Passion,
     Schumann Chamber Series
     Bach Cantatas BWV 32. BWV 39, BWV 167
Harvard recital – Harbison Chorale Cantata
Houston Symphony – Handel Messiah
Oberlin faculty recital – Bach Cantata BWV 199 and Schumann Frauen –liebe und –leben
Spectrum Singers – Bach Magnificat and Christmas Oratorio parts III, VI
     Mozart Coronation Mass and Mozart Vesperae Solennes de Confessore
SUNY Fredonia – Handel Messiah
WGBH Classical Connections – live performance H.H. A. Beach songs
Winsor Music – Bach cantata BWV 115 and Harbison Chorale Cantata